Baldwin Acrosonic spinet mahogany 1958

Baldwin Acrosonic spinet mahogany 1958


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36″ tall

57″ wide

25″ deep

Interesting Mid Century mahogany cabinetry with matching duet bench

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Perfect for your new student.

Spinets made their first appearance in the early 1930s. These small, affordable pianos made it possible for people with little space or money to own pianos, and kept many pianos companies afloat during the darkest days of The Great Depression. Within a decade, spinets became the best selling piano design in history. As prosperity returned, the sun gradually set on the spinet until they became extinct. Baldwin was one of the last makers to still make spinets, finally phasing out the model in the 1990s. Here at Rick Jones Pianos, excellent condition used spinets like this are an ideal way to get lessons under way without breaking the bank.