Kawai GS-70 ebony 1989
Sold to Dunkirk, MD


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7’6″ grand

Beautiful polished ebony finish with adjustable artist bench

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Once of Kawai’s rivals to the formidable Yamaha C7 model, this is one incredible piano. It is all original with a clean finish, parts that look barely used, a rich, powerful tone and a huge, barrel-chested bass. The highly respected GS series Kawai grands were produced to compete with Yamaha’s Conservatory or “C” series grands. There are some teachers and pianists who still believe the GS series has never been bettered by Kawai, even by the current high-end Kawai GX-series. Our GS-70 most closely resembles the present-day Kawai GX-7, which has a new list price of $77,995.00. Once you play this piano, ask yourself if a new GX-7 will look, sound and play over $50K better than this piano. Pianos like this, at prices like this explain why people fly and drive here from all over the country to buy at our warehouse. The prices, value, quality, service, and warranty we offer are unparalleled in the world of used pianos.