Kawai KG-2E walnut 1987

Kawai KG-2E walnut 1987


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5’10” grand

Beautiful polished walnut cabinet with original matching duet bench

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This piano has a sun-faded finish resulting in various shades of brown on the lid, legs and case (see picture slideshow above). This explains the radically low price we’re asking for this piano. If cosmetic perfection is your most important consideration, then keep shopping. But, if you want to save thousands of dollars off the typical price we ask for this model, and are less particular about cosmetic perfection, then this is your piano! “Under the hood”, where it really counts, this piano is in very fine condition and even includes its original hardtop duet bench, its survival a testament to its life of gentle use. It has a rich, luminous tone, huge dynamic range and wonderfully supple and responsive keyboard. This piano will provide many years of enjoyment for its lucky new owner. Could that be you?