Kawai KG-6C ebony 1978

Kawai KG-6C ebony 1978

$15,898.00 $12,588.00

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7’4″ grand

Beautiful polished ebony finish with matching duet bench

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This magnificent Kawai KG-6 is all original and in pampered, barely-used condition.  Many people dream of owning a large 7-foot+ grand piano like this but believe them to be unattainable for less than $40,000.  In the world of new Kawai pianos, this is more than a little true.  For example, a new Kawai of approximately the same size, the 7’6” Kawai GX-7, the MSRP is $77,995 with most customers nationwide paying no less than $63K on average.  That’s a far cry from the price we are asking for this piano, which is well under half the price of new and includes our ubiquitous 10-year warranty on all parts and labor as well as our unrivaled lifetime upgrade guarantee.  This Kawai is one of the most dramatic examples in our inventory of the extraordinary savings our world of used pianos has to offer.  So, when can we deliver?