Perzina GP-126 ebony 2007

Perzina GP-126 ebony 2007


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50″ tall

58″ wide

25″ deep

Beautiful polished ebony finish with matching duet bench

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Founded in 1871 in Germany, the Perzina line is presently made in China. Using Renner or Abel action parts, Delignit pinblocks and Roslau wire from Germany, and Austrian white spruce soundboards, the Perzina line is more than just your average entry-level Chinese piano. They are aiming to compete at a higher level, to which their rich tone and punchy bass will attest. Its size and price make it suitable to both beginners and more experienced pianists as well without breaking the bank or overwhelming your living space. Like every piano we sell, you get a 10-year warranty and full value lifetime trade-up guarantee, no matter where you live. Stop by, or call us at 800-466-2198 to order yours today.