Steinway D ebony 1927

Steinway D ebony 1927
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8’11½” concert grand

Sumptuous hand-rubbed satin ebony finish with matching adjustable artist bench

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This stunning “Golden Era” Steinway Model D concert grand has been meticulously restored, once in the early 1980s by the late Wendell Eaton, one of the most respected piano technicians in the country for many decades, and again by Rick Jones Pianos in 2017. (Scroll down for restoration details). The mighty Model D has dominated the concert halls and recording studios of the world for over 100 years, from Rachmaninoff, Horowitz and Rubinstein, to the present generation of virtuoso pianists. Go to any classical concert, or listen to any classical piano recording, and there is a better than 90% chance you are listening to a Steinway D. The current MSRP for a new satin ebony Steinway D is $160,900 with a 5-year warranty, while Rick Jones Pianos always includes a 10-year warranty on all parts and labor. We challenge you to justify spending more than double for a new Steinway D with half of our warranty coverage while this piano sits here today.

Wendell Eaton restoration, circa 1980

  • New pinblock, 2/0 tuning pins, and all new wires
  • New Steinway hammers, shanks and flanges with cloth bushings (not Teflon)
  • New key tops and sharps
  • New brass hardware
  • New keys bushings
  • Additionally, Mr. Eaton refinished the original soundboard and plate.

Rick Jones Pianos restoration, 2017

  • New Renner whippens
  • New damper felts
  • New hand rubbed satin ebony finish
  • New plate lettering
  • New concert-strength double brass casters
  • Additionally, Rick Jones Pianos did extensive reconditioning of the original 1927 pedal trapwork, damper underlevers, damper guide rail, damper heads, and damper guide wires. The action was fully regulated, the hammers voiced, and the piano tuned to A-440 concert pitch.