Steinway M ebony 1986

Steinway M ebony 1986


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5’7″ grand

Original factory ebony finish with matching adjustable artist bench

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This pampered Steinway M is in “trophy piano” condition, from the original inner parts to the original New York Steinway factory finish. Sit down and sample this fine instrument’s rich, bell-like tone and supple, responsive keyboard. Signed by both Henry Z. Steinway (President) and John H. Steinway (Chairman), the last Steinway family members to lead their namesake company, this piano will become a treasured family heirloom in years to come. If you were to buy a new ebony Steinway M today, you would pay $69,700 (Steinway doesn’t discount) and get their standard 5-year warranty. Ours is $40,000 less with a 10-year warranty. Why are you still reading? Announce in clear, steady voice for all to hear, “I’ll take it!!!”