Young Chang Y-150 ebony

Young Chang Y-150 with QRS player system installed

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4’11” baby grand with QRS PNOmation II system installed

Beautiful polished ebony finish with a matching adjustable bench with sheet music storage compartment

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Product Description

Let’s get this party started! This stunning baby grand has a state of the art QRS PNOmation II player system. That means you can store your entire collection of QRS titles digitally in the system’s memory with no need for external software such as disks or cards. New titles can be purchased direct from QRS to your system. QRS allows every purchaser 3 months of free access to their entire library, after which you can purchase only those titles you’re interested in keeping. This revolutionary new system is entirely wireless and can be operated easily and intuitively from any iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or similar smart phone or tablet. This system also has a USB port, allowing you to download hundreds of FREE MIDI files from the Internet, transfer them to a memory stick and play them on your piano. This system comes with speakers installed beneath the soundboard to handle the additional music tracks found on many QRS titles. The QRS system makes this piano a top notch entertainment system without changing its role as a fully functional acoustic piano, making it perfect for piano lessons for the whole family. This piano will look and sound fantastic in your home, and bring years of enjoyment to you and your family and friends.