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We ship our pianos safely all over the USA.

It's official: We have now shipped our pianos to customers in all 48 contiguous states!

Our showroom walls are covered with testimonial letters from all over the country. You will find a SMALL number of the actual letters reproduced below. Last names and contact information have been omitted to respect the privacy of our customers, except where express permission has been granted.

The beautiful piano in the photo is in my home, and is the best piano I have ever played. I purchased the piano from my great friend Rick Jones at Rick Jones Pianos.

Thank you!!



Check out this video

from one of our recent customers:

All of the above unsolicited letters are framed and hanging on all our walls, including the restroom!

There is no escape from our letters.

Come discover us!

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5209 Holland Drive
Beltsville, Maryland, 20705

301-937-4900 or
Toll Free at 1-800-466-2198


Monday - Saturday: 10-6

Sunday: 12-6

E-mail us at rjpianos@yahoo.com

Fax (301) 345-8465