Baldwin Howard baby grand mahogany 1935

Baldwin Howard baby grand mahogany 1935
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5′ baby grand

Refinished mahogany cabinet with matching duet bench

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In their prime, Baldwin pianos were widely considered one of the best American pianos ever made. The Howard was one of Baldwin’s simpler and more affordable lines, ideal for new students or those with smaller budgets and living spaces. The Howard line was especially popular during the Great Depression when this piano was built. It was rebuilt and refinished approximately 20-30 years ago and remains in excellent condition today. Naturally, it includes our standard 10-year warranty and lifetime upgrade guarantee. At only 5-feet long, if you can’t fit this in your living room, then you may want to look at vertical pianos instead.. Many professional pianists and piano teachers call us asking if we have used Baldwins available, but they are relatively few and far between compared to other brands.