Baldwin MP ebony 1987

Baldwin MP ebony 1987


Made in Japan by Yamaha

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5’2″ baby grand

Beautiful polished ebony finish with adjustable artist bench

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At only 5’2” in length, this beautiful baby grand is small enough to fit in most living rooms, yet still yield a rich, satisfying tone for its size. For 1 year only, specifically 1987, Yamaha partnered with Baldwin to manufacture Baldwin pianos in Japan. This piano is one such example. Baldwin models made in Japan by Yamaha in 1987 are so few and far between today that this is the first one we have ever had in our 36-year history. Made with a genuine sostenuto pedal (not a feature found on all baby grand models), this piano was repinned & restrung. Otherwise, it is all original, including the original Yamaha action, which has minimal wear, suggesting a life of very little use up to this point. Many professional pianists and piano teachers ask us for used Baldwin grands models, but we rarely have them. Since the early 2000s, Baldwin pianos have been made in China and bear little resemblance to the Baldwin pianos that preceded them. However, if you felt compelled to buy a new Baldwin baby grand in this size, your closest option would be the model BP152, a 5-foot baby grand priced at $24,325 with a polished ebony finish. Or, you could buy this wonderful example of a rare partnering of two of the world’s best loved and respected piano makers for $8,898. We’ll let you decide which is the more sensible choice.