Baldwin R walnut 1952

Baldwin R mahogany 1952


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Refinished satin mahogany cabinet with matching bench

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This classic American-made Baldwin grand is 5’8” long, technically too long to be considered a true baby grand (“baby grand” is defined as a grand piano less than 5’6″ long) but is still small enough to fit even in modest size living rooms. It’s certainly big enough to produce a rich, satisfying tone. This piano is in amazing condition for its age; its previous owner obviously didn’t use it much, or heavily, and took extremely good care of it. The insides are entirely original and are amazingly clean and unworn as if the piano sat closed, covered, and mostly unused for its entire life up to this point. The piano was expertly refinished a few years before we acquired it, so cosmetically it looks great. For much of the 20th Century, Baldwin was considered one of the best American pianos made. Since Baldwin moved its manufacturing operation to China in the late 2000s, one can no longer buy a new Baldwin quite like this, but just for reference, the modern Chinese-made equivalent Baldwin grand today in a mahogany finish is priced at $41,265. Many people request Baldwin grands when we DON’T have them, so we know people are looking for them. However, they are not nearly as numerous or easy to acquire as Yamaha, Kawai, or even Steinway grands. At this price, we don’t expect this piano to stay in our inventory long.