Bergmann TG-157 ebony 2002

Bergmann TG-157 ebony 2002


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5’2″ baby grand

Beautiful polished ebony cabinet with matching duet bench

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This beautiful baby grand was built by Young Chang. It is only 21 years old, was gently used, and has been well maintained in its short life. Young Chang doesn’t offer the Bergmann line any longer, but an ordinary same-size Young Chang baby grands sells this model new today for $14,390.00, more than double the cost of this one. This piano would make an ideal, affordable first piano for you or your kids to take lessons on it. If significant progress is made, you can always take advantage of our lifetime upgrade guarantee to trade up at full purchase price to any other piano well of higher cost than this one. Meanwhile, you can buy months of piano lessons and a mountain of sheet music with the money you save by buying this piano.