Boston UP-118 ebony 2010

Boston UP-118 ebony 2010
Sold to North Hampton, NH


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46½” tall

58″ wide

25″ deep

Unusual and attractive open pore satin ebony cabinet with matching duet bench

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Designed by Steinway and made in Japan by Kawai, this striking open-pore satin ebony Boston studio upright is in pristine condition inside and out. The MSRP for a new Boston UP-118 is $12,300. Even if you got a generous discount from a new Steinway dealer, you would end up paying at least double the price we’re asking for this barely-used piano. The Boston name is well known and respected among serious pianists and teachers, and we often get requests for them though we only get a few of them per year. Used Boston pianos are in great demand in our shop, and they sell quickly. If you want this one, pick up the phone or stop by the shop, before someone else does.