Cristofori CRG54 ebony 2008

Cristofori CRG54 ebony 2008
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$6,898.00 $6,500.00

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5’4″ baby grand

Beautiful polished ebony cabinet with original matching duet bench

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This beautiful polished ebony Cristofori baby grand was made by Pearl River which is considered to be among the better entry-level Chinese piano lines available today. A new same-size Cristofori baby grand sells new today for $9,990, and includes only a 10-year warranty. Compare that to this piano, which is $3K less than new and includes not only a 10-year warranty but a lifetime upgrade guarantee as well. Therefore, you can use this piano to get your new student’s lessons under way, then upgrade later to a more advanced piano later without taking a loss on this piano in trade. A great space-saving, budget-priced first piano from a respectable piano maker.