Cristofori CRV460SP oak 2010

Cristofori CRV460SP oak 2010


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46″ tall

59″ wide

24″ deep

Beautiful satin oak cabinet with original matching duet bench

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This beautiful satin oak Cristofori studio upright was made by Pearl River, which is considered to be among the better entry-level Chinese piano lines available today. This model is no longer offered by Cristofori, nor does Cristofori offer oak finishes with any of their vertical models today, but the next closest model, the 46.5″ model CRV465 with a mahogany finish sells new today for $5,199. Sure, that’s only $1,900 more than this piano, but if you found $1,900 laying on the ground, would you pick it up or keep walking? Besides, if you want a Cristofori with an eye-popping oak finish like this piano, you will not be able to buy a new one at any price. Consider that this piano includes not only a 10-year warranty but a lifetime upgrade guarantee as well and your choice should be pretty obvious. Our lifetime upgrade guarantee allows you to use this piano to get your new student’s lessons underway, then upgrade later to a more advanced piano later without taking a loss on this piano in trade, a benefit no new piano includes. This is a very worthy first piano from a respectable piano maker! Why buy new?