D. H. Baldwin C142 ebony 2000

D.H. Baldwin C142 ebony 2000
Sold to Silver Spring, MD

$5,898.00 $5,300.00

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4’7″ baby grand

Beautiful polished ebony finish with matching duet bench

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In the mid Twentieth Century, Baldwin pianos were among the best known and most respected American piano makers. The D.H. Baldwin budget line was named for company founder Dwight Hamilton Baldwin and was made for Baldwin by Samick in South Korea. At 4’7″, this beautiful baby grand is the smallest 88-key baby grand we have ever had in stock. If you cannot fit this piano in your home, then you simply don’t have room for a baby grand…PERIOD. The MSRP on Baldwin’s smallest baby grand today (4’10”) is $24,945. Perfect for your new student, ours is much more approachable at $5,898.00 with a 10-year warranty. Which price would you rather pay?