Diapason 132 walnut 1973

Diapason 132 walnut 1973
Sold to Woodbridge, VA

$5,898.00 $4,988.00

Sam’s Pick

Made in Japan by Kawai

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52″ tall

60″ wide

25″ deep

Beautiful polished dark walnut cabinet with matching adjustable bench

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If you are looking to get the most upright piano value for the money, this piano is for you. Diapason was formerly an independent Japanese piano maker before being purchased Kawai, who made them in their home factory in Hamamatsu, Japan using Kawai parts. Ours is in very fine condition having been barely used in its life. As a pleasant bonus, the piano’s original hammers have been upgraded to Renner hammers from Germany, the same hammers used in some of the world’s finest and most expensive pianos. Pianos like this Diapason are why so many piano teachers tell their students that we are the ONLY piano shop from which they should purchase a piano, and why our competition hopes you never find out about us. Once you have seen and heard used pianos like this in our warehouse, you will never look at overpriced new pianos the same way again.