Essex EGP-155 white 2017

Essex EGP-155 white 2017


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5’1″ baby grand

Beautiful polished white cabinet with matching duet bench

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The Essex line is designed by Steinway and manufactured by Pearl River in China. Introduced in 2001, Essex is Steinway’s least expensive, entry-level line of pianos. This model is still available from Steinway today with an MSRP of $21,900 for the polished white finish seen here. The Essex line offers internal design refinements not found on most entry-level Chinese-made pianos, including all-wooden actions, a fully functional sostenuto pedal on all grand models, hammers with reinforced shoulders with metal fasteners, and vertically laminated bridges with solid maple caps. We’re offering this still very youthful piano for $9,000 less than the price of a new EGP-155*, while still offering the same 10-year warranty coverage offered with new Essex pianos, plus a lifetime upgrade guarantee (not offered with ANY brand new piano). If you don’t hesitate, it could be yours!

*Trivia time: Many people ask us about the meaning of piano model designations. Sometimes they make no logical sense, even to us, but much of the time the model designation is a simple coded shorthand for the basic identity of the piano. In the case of this piano’s model designation, EGP-155 translates to Essex Grand Piano 155 cm (5 feet 1 inch long). You will find this to be true most of the time with Chinese and Korean-made pianos, like the ubiquitous Samick SU-118 upright model from Korea, which translates to Samick Upright 118 cm (46.5 inches tall). This model coding system seems to be less common with Japanese piano makers like Yamaha and Kawai, and rarely, if ever, true with American pianos.

See also Paul’s Blog entry on model designations.