H.C. Schomacker Co. grand mahogany 1912

H.C. Schomacker Co. grand mahogany 1912


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6’1″ grand

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Before WWII, there were dozens of American piano manufacturers in America making good quality pianos in every major city. The Great Depression, WWII, and the shift to radios and gramophones as the preferred sources of music in the home put 90% of American piano makers out of business by 1941. Though many of them were very well designed and built, most are unknown today even by people in the piano business. This piano is an ideal example. Founded in Philadelphia in 1838 by Austrian piano builder Johann Heinrich Schomacker (later John Henry Schomacker), Schomacker made excellent quality pianos for over 100 years before ceasing operations in 1941. This Schomacker was extensively rebuilt before we acquired it, including a new pinblock, tuning pins, all new wires, and new action parts, including all new hammers, shanks, flanges, and whippens. Since we acquired this piano, we have extensively reconditioned the action, keys, pedal trapwork, and brass hardware. This piano is now ready for the next 100 years of its life. Lucky you! Don’t miss this rare chance to own a unique piece of Americana.

Interesting footnote: In all of the thousands of grand pianos from many different manufacturers we have seen in our 40 years in the used pianos business, this is the first and only grand piano we have encountered that used a cast iron frame under the piano for support instead of the traditional wooden beams. Click here to see it. This tells us that Schomacker was innovative in their designs, endeavoring to manufacture better-than-average pianos than most of their contemporaries.