Kawai 502 cherry 1993

Kawai 502 cherry 1993
Sold to Fulton, MD


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42″ tall

59″ wide

21″ deep

Decorative satin cherry style cabinet with original matching duet bench

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In our world of used pianos, ebony Japanese uprights (Kawai or Yamaha) larger between 48 & 52-inches tall (“full uprights”) that sell for over $4,000 are plentiful staples of our inventory. Smaller non-ebony Japanese uprights priced under $4,000 are a tiny minority of our upright piano inventory. Such pianos grace our inventory only a few times per year and are eagerly snapped up as fast as we can get them on our website. Therefore, this Kawai console is a wonderful and welcome addition to our inventory. At this price, we don’t expect it to be here very long. The cabinet is not cosmetically perfect, with a scattering of minor blemishes that would be impossible to remove without complete refinishing, but inside, where it really matters, it’s in barely-used condition with decades of useful life ahead of it. It carries our standard 10-year warranty on all parts and labor and lifetime upgrade guarantee. Of course, for the same money you could go out and buy a much smaller, significantly less refined new Kawai upright piano…but why on Earth would you want to?