Kawai BL-71 ebony 1973

Kawai BL-71 ebony 1973


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52″ tall

60″ wide

25″ deep

Beautiful satin ebony cabinet with matching duet bench

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This model is the immediate predecessor and identical twin to the Kawai US-50, one of the most popular upright pianos ever made. Dozens of piano teachers have sent scores of students to our shop specifically to buy this model. This is the most affordable of the “super uprights” made by Yamaha and Kawai over the years…52″ full-size uprights that have extra girth, extra power, and a large oversize, grand piano-style music rack, in short, the closest thing to a grand piano in an upright form. This piano was restored about 15 years ago including all new tuning pins, all new piano wires, and cosmetic refinishing. Like everything we sell, it comes with our ironclad 10-year all parts and labor warranty and full value lifetime trade-up guarantee. Why buy new?