Kawai CA-40 ebony 1989

Kawai CA-40 ebony 1989


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6’1″ grand

Beautiful polished ebony finish with matching duet bench

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This piano was used lightly and maintained exceptionally well and has decades of healthy, useful life ahead of it. Check out the video demo above if you haven’t already. Since no video demo played over scrawny computer speakers can do justice to pianos that sound this good, we recommend listening through headphones. The action is wonderfully sensitive and responsive and the tone is creamy and refined. This model is one of Kawai’s distinguished predecessors to the present-day GX-3. We have met many pianist and teachers who say they still prefer Kawai’s CA (Concert Artist) series to present-day Kawai grands. It’s easy to understand why once you experience this formidable instrument. Sure, you could go out and spend over $35,000 more for a new Kawai, but why one Earth would you do such a thing? Seriously, why?