Kawai DS-5E walnut 1995

Kawai DS-5E walnut 1989


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49″ tall

60″ wide

25″ deep

Beautiful polished dark walnut cabinet with matching duet bench

In stock


At first glance, we all mistook this for a polished ebony piano. After closer inspection, we misidentified it as a very dark mahogany, as in the video demo above. Upon still closer inspection, we have arrived at a third conclusion, which is that this piano may be actual polished ebony, or a very close approximation thereof. You see, in the piano business, a “polished ebony” finish is a euphemism for high-gloss black polyester lacquer, which is literally neither “polished” nor “ebony” but a mirror-finish black polyester lacquer that stays eternally shiny without polishing. In the case of this piano, the extremely dark brown hue is consistent with real ebony wood, and the grain pattern of the veneer looks a lot like real ebony grain. However, since actual ebony veneer is very expensive and adds thousands of dollars to the price of a piano, which doesn’t make sense on a relatively inexpensive upright piano, we suspect that this is a walnut finish that was stained the hue of ebony. In any case, it is a piano that is eye-catching in appearance, especially when, like all of us, you mistake it for gloss black until you get up close and notice the rich swirls of dark wood grain. Regardless of how we classify the finish, we cannot recall having stocked another piano with a finish quite like this. So, if you’ve been looking for a highly-capable vertical piano with a striking appearance, all without breaking the bank, we recommend giving this piano a serious look…and look closely!