Kawai GE-1 ebony 1987

Kawai GE-1 ebony 1987


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5’1″ baby grand

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Even with a small baby grand like this, Kawai’s excellent engineering shows in the surprisingly rich tone and super-sensitive keyboard. Kawai pianos are among the best-designed and best-made pianos in the world and this beautiful baby grand is a perfect example. It’s all original and in barely-used, meticulously maintained condition. The MSRP on Kawai’s comparable new baby grand today, the model GL-20 is $22,195. Even if you get a generous discount from a new Kawai dealer, you would easily end up paying close to double the price of this piano, the price of which includes not only a 10-year warranty but a lifetime upgrade guarantee as well. Your money always goes further and buys you a better piano with better benefits in our world of high-quality used pianos than in the over-priced, often high-pressure world of new pianos.