Kawai KG-1 walnut 1970

Kawai KG-1 walnut 1970

$7,898.00 $6,888.00

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5’1″ baby grand

Gorgeous satin walnut finish with matching duet bench

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In 1970 when this piano was built, the KG-1 model was Kawai’s top of the line baby grand model. In our shop, gently used piano like this are eagerly snapped up by our customers almost as soon as we put them on the floor. This piano is priced modestly, especially compared to the the MSRP on Kawai’s best baby grand today; the GX1 model with a walnut finish is a hair-raising $42,995. Even the entry-level GL-30 model is priced at $32,895 with a walnut finish! Welcome to our world of used pianos, where high-quality, barely used pianos like this sell for a fraction of new prices, but without sacrificing benefits like a 10-year warranty and lifetime upgrade guarantee. Besides the practically unused appearance of this piano (including the absence of wear and tear on the internal parts) it is above all else a first class musical instrument with a touch that is smooth and responsive and tone that is crisp and bright without being harsh. This piano is a perfect example of why customers come from all over the U.S.A. choose to make us their piano store. This piano will give you a lifetime of enjoyment and save you thousands of dollars compared to a new Kawai baby grand. So, we leave you with the question we have been asking for 36 years:

Why buy new?