Kawai KG-1E mahogany 1992

Kawai KG-1E mahogany 1992
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5’4″ baby grand

Gorgeous polished mahogany finish with original matching duet bench

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Even with a small baby grand like this, Kawai’s excellent engineering shows in the surprisingly rich tone and super-sensitive keyboard. Kawai pianos are among the best designed and best made pianos in the world and this stunning polished mahogany baby grand is a perfect example. It’s all original and in barely-used, meticulously-maintained condition. Ask any piano technician or piano teacher what they think of late 80s/early 90s vintage Kawai’s KG series grands. One piano teacher told us she would not bother to stop by unless we have some Kawai KG series pianos on the floor. The MSRP on Kawai’s comparable new baby grand today is $32,895. Ours is less than one-quarter the cost of new and includes not only a 10-year warranty but a lifetime upgrade guarantee as well. Your money always goes further and buys you a better piano with better benefits in our world of high-quality used pianos than in the over-priced, high-pressure world of new pianos.