Kawai KG-1E walnut 1987

Kawai KG-1E walnut 1987
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5’4″ baby grand

Flawed but very presentable satin walnut finish with matching adjustable artist bench

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Previous generations of Kawai’s KG-1 baby grand (e.g., the KG-1C and KG-1D) measured 5’1″ long. When Kawai introduced the KG-1E in the late 1980s, they extended this its length to 5’4″, giving a boost to the tonal richness while still conforming to classic baby grand proportions. The KG-1 model was Kawai’s best baby grand model until they introduced the RX-1 mode in the 1990s. Because Kawai, like their rival Yamaha, make a full line of pianos, up to and including 9-foot concert grands, even small baby grands like this benefit from Kawai’s experience designing large, professional grade instruments. This beautiful satin walnut baby grand is not cosmetically perfect on the outside (hence the unusually low price), but inside where it really matters, this piano all original and in barely-used, meticulously-maintained condition. The MSRP on Kawai’s comparable new baby grand today, the GX-1 in a satin walnut finish, is price at $42,995. Compare that to the price of this piano, which includes not only a 10-year warranty but a lifetime upgrade guarantee as well. On that note, we’ll leave you with the question we have been asking for 35 years: