Kawai KG-2C cherry 1978

Kawai KG-2C cherry 1978


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5’10” grand

Beautiful polished cherry cabinet with matching duet bench

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This Kawai grand is in gently used, all original condition, and features a striking polished cherry cabinet, much less common than the ubiquitous polished ebony cabinet seen in most of our inventory. Since 1927, Kawai has held their own against Yamaha, their larger rival who shares their home city of Hamamatsu, Japan. No doubt, this is because Kawai makes pianos that are equal in quality to Yamaha but are distinctly different musically, enough that musicians often strongly prefer one brand over the other, and consequently tell their friends (or students) that their preferred brand is “better” than the rival brand. In our shop, we consider both Yamaha and Kawai to be of equal quality and capability, albeit with subjectively different but equally valid musical “personalities”. Yamaha and Kawai pianos are displayed side-by-side in our shop as the equals we believe them to be; the customer decides which is the best choice for their individual tastes and musical needs. A new 5’10” Kawai grand today with a cherry finish is priced at $54,395 and includes a 10-year warranty. Like every piano we sell, this piano includes a 10-year warranty on all parts and labor PLUS a lifetime upgrade guarantee as well. If you want to know why you see sold pianos on our website from all over the country, it’s because of pianos just like this, at prices like this, with better benefits than new piano stores can offer. Why buy new?