Kawai KG-2E ebony 1989

Kawai KG-2E ebony 1989
Sold to Fredericksburg, VA

$14,898.00 $12,500.00

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5’10” grand

Beautiful polished ebony finish with matching duet bench

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This beautiful Kawai grand was gently used and lovingly cared for by its previous owner. Kawai’s excellent engineering shows in the rich, clear tone and super-sensitive keyboard. Kawai grand pianos are among the best designed and best made grand pianos in the world. Just ask any piano technician what they think of Kawai grand pianos, especially the KG Series. Ask any piano teacher what they think of the Kawai KG series. One piano teacher told us she would not bother to come in unless we have some Kawai KG series grand pianos on the floor. If you want to know why people fly and drive here from all over the USA, you need to look no further than this piano.