Kawai KG-3C ebony 1972

Kawai KG-3C ebony 1972


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6’1″ grand

Beautiful satin ebony finish with matching duet bench

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For the person who wants the most piano for the least money, this piano is tough to beat. This wonderful example of past generations of Kawai craftsmanship is all original and in excellent condition, ready to serve its new owner for decades to come. The Kawai KG series of grand pianos helped Kawai earned the international reputation for excellence that they still enjoy today. Known for having a rich, smooth tone and very responsive keyboard, the Kawai KG series is ranked among the best grand piano values in the world by Larry Fine, Registered Piano Technician and author of The Piano Book and its biannual supplement, the Piano Buyer. Of course, if you feel irresistibly compelled to have a new piano, you can buy a new Kawai GX-3 (today’s equivalent model) for around $58K, but why on earth would you do that? (Seriously, WHY??)