Kawai KG-5D ebony 1986

Kawai KG-5D ebony 1986


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6’7″ grand

Beautiful polished ebony finish with adjustable bench

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Do you know that the list price of a brand-new Kawai GX-5 in a polished ebony cabinet is $61,695? Well, now you do. The Kawai model shown here was the distinguished ancestor to the present-day GX-5. This beautiful piano was pampered by its previous owner who obviously treated this piano like the treasured musical partner that a piano is supposed to be. It remains in fantastic, barely-used condition, inside and out, as the picture slideshow above clearly shows, and is covered by our 10-year warranty on all parts and labor, like every piano we sell. The Kawai KG series of grand pianos is still highly respected and sought after today, especially by piano teachers who understand a great value when they see one. With pianos like this available in our shop, each carrying better benefits than new pianos offer, it’s hard to understand why people buy new pianos at all.