Kawai NS-10 ebony 1985

Kawai NS-10 ebony 1985


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48″ tall

60″ wide

25″ deep

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This piano is a perfect example of everything that is good about Kawai pianos. Kawai pianos are a staple of our inventory, along with their competitor Yamaha. Kawai and Yamaha have been competing in the same city of Hamamatsu, Japan since Kawai pianos were founded in 1927; they have never been able to put each other out of business. In our opinion, this is due to their equivalent quality, uniquely individual musical traits, and the fact that each manufacturer has developed a very loyal following among the world’s piano teachers and pianists. Still, Kawai is the smaller of the two companies and makes fewer pianos than Yamaha, the result being that fewer used Kawai pianos come through our shop than Yamaha. However, they are wonderful sounding and playing pianos that are recommended by as many piano teachers as Yamaha. Not only are our used Kawai pianos affordable enough to make a suitable “starter” piano for your student but they are refined enough to satisfy the needs of experienced pianists and teachers as well. Of course, for the same money you could go out and buy a smaller, less refined brand-new piano…but why would you want to?