Kawai RX-2 ebony 1997

Kawai RX-2 ebony 1997

$18,898.00 $14,588.00

Includes Kawai’s unique factory installed muffler system!

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5’10” grand

Beautiful polished ebony finish with matching duet bench

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In our 34 years in the used piano business, we have only ever seen one other Kawai grand equipped with this ingenious muffler system. Very similar to the swell box of a pipe organ (see picture slideshow above), this system allows the entire soundboard area to be enclosed in its own case, greatly reducing the volume of the piano for practicing without disturbing others. The present-day equivalent to the Kawai RX-2 is the GX-2 which carries a new MSRP of $42,495, and that’s WITHOUT the aforementioned muffler system. Here at Rick Jones Pianos, this pristine, barely-used piano is well under half the cost of new and includes better benefits that any new piano offers, namely our lifetime upgrade guarantee in addition to our standard to our 10-year warranty on all parts and labor. Check out the video demo above (try headphones for better sound) and ask yourself if a new Kawai could possibly look, sound or perform more than TWO TIMES better than this piano. You already know the answer, don’t you? Plus, with the money you save, you could buy years of piano lessons or a nice vacation for the whole family. Pianos like this are why thousands of happy people all over the country have bought their pianos here since 1983.