May-Berlin 162 ebony 2008

May-Berlin 162 ebony 2008


by Schimmel

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5’4″ baby grand

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May-Berlin pianos were designed by Schimmel in Germany and assembled in China. All newly-built May-Berlin pianos were shipped first to the Schimmel factory in Braunschweig, Germany for their final finishing and quality control inspection before being crated and shipped to the USA. Rick Jones Pianos used to sell new May-Berlin pianos in the early 2000s, and the line quickly earned a reputation for having excellent performance characteristics and quality control for the price. This piano possesses the characteristically rich, warm tone quality and even touch that we came to admire during the years that we sold May-Berlin pianos. This piano was lightly used by its previous owner and has many decades of useful life ahead of it! It would be ideal for your new student and will bring you years of enjoyment at a great price!