Otto Meister XG-150 ebony 2012

Otto Meister XG-150 ebony 2012

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5′ baby grand

Beautiful polished ebony cabinet with matching duet bench

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We used to sell brand new Otto Meister baby grands years ago, and most of the original purchasers still own them. However, every once in a while, one of the original purchasers will take advantage of our lifetime upgrade guarantee to trade one back to us, and we are happy to get them back. Made by the Beijing Hsinghai factory, Otto Meister baby grands are among the nicest entry-level Chinese baby grands we have encountered. They make great first pianos. If you want a small, inexpensive baby grand for a new student or recreational pianist, this piano makes a perfect choice. The previous owner of this piano purchased it from us new, then took advantage of our lifetime upgrade policy to trade-up to a larger and more expensive grand piano. The condition of the original parts remains in showroom condition and, as usual, is covered by our 10-year warranty on all parts and labor. The action is responsive and the tone is smooth and surprisingly full for such a small piano. Imagine the hours of pleasure you will have with friends and family gathered around the piano.