Petrof 115 oak 1987

Petrof 115 oak 1987


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45″ tall

57″ wide

23″ deep

Scandinavian-style open-pore oak finish with adjustable bench

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People often contact us looking for used Petrof pianos, but they are few and far between and we rarely have them in stock. If you’ve been looking for a fine Petrof upright piano but don’t want to pay new retail prices, today is your lucky day. This piano has a warm, singing tone with a long sustain and a firm but wonderfully balanced and responsive action. A truly versatile upright that’s a real pleasure to play, the picture slideshow above reveals a piano in a clean, healthy, well-maintained condition, inside and out with a striking open-pore dark oak finish. This is a slender, “apartment-size” model is designed to fit a standard 88-key piano into a small living space. Petrof no longer offers this model today, but the price of their least expensive vertical model today is $32,430! Even if you got a generous discount from a new Petrof dealer, you would end up paying 4 times the price of this piano to get a comparable new Petrof, and yet your warranty coverage would not be any better than the 10-year warranty we include with this, and every piano we sell. Why buy new?