Petrof II ebony 1992

Petrof II ebony 1992


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7’9″ semi-concert grand

Beautiful polished ebony finish with adjustable artist bench

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Seldom seen in our inventory, used Petrof pianos are often recommended by piano teachers for their advanced pianos students. Built with all Renner action parts, the Petrof allows a pianist to achieve a subtlety of expression normally available only from more expensive European piano makers. If you have not shopped for new Petrof pianos recently, you will be shocked to know that a new 7’9” Petrof grand now has an astonishing MSRP of $226,066 (not a misprint!). You could buy FOUR pianos like this for the cost of one new 7’9” Petrof grand with money to spare! Petrof pianos have only been available in The West since the early 1990s; hence many of the original owners still have them and don’t part with them easily. We’ve rarely more than two Petrof grands of any size in a calendar year, but we have never had this model, or any Petrof this large before. Therefore, if you have been yearning for a high-end European grand piano at a price unthinkable at a new Petrof dealer, do not miss the chance to buy this piano while you still can.