Petrof 118 mahogany 1995

Petrof P118 mahogany 1995


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46½” tall

57″ wide

22″ deep

Gorgeous polished mahogany finish with original matching adjustable bench

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People ask us for Petrof pianos all the time, but they’re few and far between and we rarely have them. If you’ve been looking for a fine Petrof upright but didn’t want to pay new retail prices, today is your lucky day. You can shop all month and not find a Petrof at our price with a comprehensive 10-year warranty and full purchase price upgrade guarantee for life. This piano has a dark, warm, singing tone with a long sustain, and a wonderfully balanced and responsive action. A truly versatile upright that’s a real pleasure to play. The picture slideshow above reveals a piano in clean, healthy, well-maintained condition, inside and out. Petrof does not currently offer this model in a mahogany finish, but this model in their least expensive polished ebony finish is price brand new at $26,794! That’s not a misprint!! Some pianists and teachers would say a piano like this is worth every penny of its new price. However, would you rather pay new retail prices when the same model, only 24-years old and gently used, is available here with a 10-year warranty and lifetime upgrade guarantee for LESS THAN ONE QUARTER the price of new?

Who in their right mind would?