Pleyel console 1983

Pleyel console teak 1983


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41″ tall

53″ wide

24″ deep

Open pore teak cabinet with original matching duet bench

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In early Nineteenth Century Paris, two names were inextricably linked: the composer Frédéric Chopin and the French piano maker Pleyel. When Chopin arrived in Paris as a 21-year old pianist and composer, his first public performance in Paris (and later, his last) was played at Pleyel’s own concert hall, the prestigious Salle Pleyel. Years before Steinway became the world’s dominant piano maker, piano makers such as Pleyel and their archrival Érard vigorously competed for the affections and endorsements of the greatest pianists and composers of Nineteenth Century France. While Chopin played many of the finest pianos of his time, Pleyel was the instrument he prefered to play and chose to own. After Chopin’s death in 1849, Pleyel remained the prefered piano of many of the finest composers and pianists in France, including Camille Saint-Saëns, Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, and Alfred Cortot. From 1971 to 1994 Pleyel pianos were made under contract with the distinguished German piano maker Schimmel before returning to France, then finally closing in 2013. Never very well known in the United States, this is the first Pleyel piano at Rick Jones Pianos in our 35 year history. It’s original dealer sticker suggests that it was originally purchased in Nice, France before making its way to the US, and eventually our shop. It has remained in amazingly fresh condition with barely any wear on its original parts. Though it is a relatively small and humble example of Pleyel’s legacy, its uniquely different (and desirable in our opinion) musical personality makes it stand apart from the hundreds of American, Japanese and Korean pianos that pass through our store every year. Modestly priced in the range of our “starter’ pianos, it would make a great first piano for a new student, while still offering sufficient refinement to satisfy more experienced adults in need of a high-quality, space-saving apartment piano. Naturally, our standard 10-year warranty and lifetime upgrade guarantee are included in the price, as well as free delivery within 100 miles.