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The QRS PNOmation III player piano system


Not sold separately. Available only with a grand piano purchase, installed before delivery by our certified QRS technician.


The state-of-the-art QRS PNOmation III system can be installed in ANY GRAND PIANO WE SELL for $9,500. This price includes installation in our shop by our full-time certified QRS technician. This 21st Century system is a piano automation playback system that also includes sing-along/karaoke capability. It is wireless and Bluetooth capable and will interface with any smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

The QRS PNOmation III also has network capability. This means that all new titles, as well as software updates to your system, are automatically loaded into your processor’s memory upon release. It also means that any technical glitches that may occur can be diagnosed remotely before a technician visits your home, saving you the trouble of a separate service call to diagnose the problem.

Because the system is entirely wireless and digital, gone are the cassette tapes, floppy disks, diskettes, CDs, and big control boxes under the keyboard of 20th-century player systems. The aesthetic beauty of your piano is not altered.

Record capability is available with the addition of a PNOscan record strip for an additional $2,200. If you choose to add PNOscan later, a QRS technician can install it in your home in about 3 hours.

For new purchasers, the entire QRS library (the largest library in the player piano industry) is unlocked and available for you to enjoy for one year after delivery. Thereafter, if you have not purchased any titles, you are left with a generous sample library totaling 1,300 titles, valued at $2,500.

Titles can be purchased as individual tracks, albums, or groups of albums. You can also rent time with the entire library in increments of 2 years, 4 years, or 10 years. Each rental increment also extends your product warranty for an equal length of time.

This system comes with speakers installed beneath the soundboard to handle the additional music tracks found on many QRS titles. The installation of the QRS system makes your piano a world-class entertainment system without altering its capability as a fully functional acoustic piano, making it perfect for piano lessons for the whole family.

Last but not least, if you are currently the owner of a QRS PNOmationII system and would like to upgrade to the new QRS PNOmation III system, the upgrade can be done in your home by a QRS technician for a cost of $3,300. If you are currently the owner of one of the older QRS legacy systems (CD2000, Petine, Ancho) and would like to upgrade to the new QRS PNOmation III system, the upgrade can be done in your home by a QRS technician for a cost of $3,800. All titles you already own in the CD format will convey to the memory of your new system. Therefore, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by upgrading.