Schimmel 176T cherry 1989

Schimmel 176T cherry 1989

$18,898.00 $16,588.00

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5’10” grand

Beautiful polished cherry cabinet with original Schimmel artist bench

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This beautiful piano was built at the Schimmel factory in Braunschweig, Germany in 1989 and was obviously pampered in the years since. Everything on this piano is all original and reveals a life of very little use and excellent care. Founded in 1885, Schimmel has become Germany’s most prolific and best-selling piano, and one of the most affordable high-end European pianos. Although Schimmel makes nothing exactly like this model today, their closest present-day grand model, the K175, is priced at $94,556 with a similar mahogany finish. You could buy FIVE pianos like this for the price of one new Schimmel today. Undoubtedly, there is a poor soul somewhere in the country buying a new Schimmel right NOW who doesn’t know about this piano or this store. Aren’t you glad it’s not YOU?

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