Sohmer 45 walnut 1984

Sohmer Model 45 walnut 1984


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45″ tall

59″ wide

23″ deep

Comely satin walnut cabinet with original matching duet bench

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Perfect for your new student, the price we are asking for this classic American-made Sohmer studio upright would not even buy you a cheap new “starter” piano at some fancy pants piano palace, but your money always goes further in our world of fine used pianos, and this is no exception. The finish is not cosmetically perfect, but like every used piano we sell, it is in fantastic condition inside where it counts and comes with our standard 10-year warranty and full value lifetime trade-up guarantee, so if you EVER want to upgrade, you will only need to pay the difference. A great first piano for you or your kids to learn on.

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