Steinway 1098 mahogany 1981

Steinway 1098 mahogany 1981
Sold to Montgomery, AL


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46½” tall

58″ wide

25″ deep

Original factory mahogany cabinet with matching adjustable bench

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Since 2021, Steinway only offers one new vertical piano model, the model K52 which is priced at $42,000 with the least expensive ebony finish. When Steinway still offered the 1098 model (seen here), the price was $35,000 for the least expensive ebony finish. So, even if it were still possible to buy a new Steinway 1098, the price would be more than four times the price of this piano, and this price would include only a 5-year warranty. Our warranty is always 10 years on all parts and labor, plus we offer a lifetime upgrade guarantee with every piano we sell. This handsome Steinway upright is entirely original, inside and out. We did not have to replace anything on this piano since it was obviously well-cared for and still has decades of healthy, useful life ahead of it. Be sure to click the picture slideshow above to see pictures of how clean and barely worn the interior of this piano is. This model has always been popular with our customers who recognize a good value when they see it, and we suspect that will be even more true in the future now that it is no longer possible to buy a new Steinway 1098.