Steinway B ebony 1935

Steinway B ebony 1935


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6’10½” grand

New satin ebony finish with matching adjustable artist bench

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You have just met your future family heirloom. This beautiful New York Steinway B has been painstakingly rebuilt. It has all new Steinway hammers, shanks, flanges, and whippens, plus new white keytops, a new pinblock, strings and tuning pins. The plate (harp) has been repainted and re-lettered by hand, and the cabinet received a creamy new satin ebony finish. Now that we have the specs and features out of the way, let’s not forget to mention the most important part: the sweet, lush sound, and highly-responsive, fast keyboard feel typical of American Steinway pianos of the early Twentieth Century. There’s nothing in the realm of new pianos quite like it. Furthermore, we always include a 10-year warranty on all parts and labor on every piano we sell. Meanwhile, the soul crushing present day price of $108,700 for a new ebony Steinway B only includes a 5-year warranty. Ponder that for a moment: Half the price and twice the warranty with us vs. twice the price and half the warranty at the new Steinway dealer. Which option sounds better to you?