Steinway B ebony 1966

Steinway B ebony 1966


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6’10½” grand

Original factory ebony cabinet with matching adjustable artist bench

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This stunning Steinway Model B was gently used and has 100% of its original Steinway parts. It has decades of useful life ahead of it. A top drawer music instrument, it possesses breathtaking power, dynamic range, a rich tonal palette, and Steinway’s signature long sustaining, sweet, bell-like tone, especially in the melody range. The Model B has been the standard by which all other semi-concert grand pianos have been measured since 1884 when the model was first introduced. Watch the video demo above (we suggest using headphones) to sample the amazing voice of this piano. Consider that the non-negotiable price for a new ebony Steinway Model B is a head-spinning $112,800.00. Understand that this soul-crushing sum includes only a 5-year warranty. Meanwhile, all of our used pianos include a 10-year warranty on all parts and labor, PLUS a lifetime upgrade guarantee as well! So, half the price of new with double the benefits. You don’t have to be an economist to determine which is the better value.