Steinway D ebony 1986

Steinway D ebony 1986


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8’11½” concert grand

Original factory ebony finish with matching adjustable artist bench

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This amazing Steinway D concert grand has been meticulously reconditioned here at Rick Jones Pianos, including a complete action regulation. The parts are 100% original from the Steinway factory, and the instrument remains in barely-used, trophy piano condition. The satin ebony finish was freshly hand-rubbed by our talented refinishing crew. The Model D is Steinway’s flagship model, and one of the most widely-used and respected concert piano models worldwide. Nearly every great pianist of the last 125 years has performed and recorded on a Steinway D at some point, with many remaining exclusive to the Model D for their entire careers. The current 2023 MSRP for a new ebony Steinway D is $217,300 which includes only a 5-year warranty. Here at Rick Jones Pianos, every piano we sell always includes a 10-year warranty on all parts and labor without exception. It is hard to justify spending more than twice the price of this piano for a new Steinway D when you could have this piano for half the price, with double to the warranty of a new Steinway D. Congratulate yourself for being savvy enough to know an incredible deal when you see one!