Steinway K mahogany 1913

Steinway K mahogany 1913


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52″ tall

60″ wide

27″ deep

Original factory mahogany cabinet with matching adjustable artist bench

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As a general rule, we do not buy or sell old upright pianos, but on very rare occasions break our own rule. This is one of those very rare occasions. For people who crave a functional antique upright but can’t seem to find anything except some rickety old rust bucket moldering away in someone’s basement or garage, this stunning early Twentieth Century Steinway upright will be a dream come true. While the cabinet is not completely without cosmetic flaws, we believe any reasonable person will agree that it is amazingly fine condition for a vintage piano. Perhaps more importantly is the shockingly solid structural condition of the inside, even including the original action parts, tuning pins and strings, which have often been replaced long ago on pianos this age. Not so with this fine instrument which still has 99% of its original parts for the simple reason that they have never worn out. The only new additions in 114 years are the relatively minor bridle straps, which almost all upright piano actions need eventually, and new damper felts for clean, reliable dampening. It looks, sounds, plays and tunes exceptionally well for a piano even half its age with a tone that is uniquely unlike any modern piano. Like every piano we sell, ours comes with a 10-year warranty covering all parts and labor. Don’t miss the chance to own this unique window in time.