Steinway K mahogany 1919

Steinway K mahogany 1919


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52″ tall

60″ wide

27″ deep

Gorgeous newly refinished mahogany cabinet with adjustable artist bench

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Rarely do we ever buy or sell old upright pianos. Once in a great while, we find an old upright that’s worth the time and expense to bring back to life. In the case of this pampered and extremely well-maintained piano, it didn’t take as much as one might expect to restore this piano to peak form. The cabinet was completely refinished in a rich, hand-rubbed satin mahogany. The piano received a new set of bass wires as well. However, to everyone’s amazement, the remainder of the piano’s innards, including the original action parts, are still in such fine condition that it would be criminal to rip them out and replace just for the sake of saying that we had done so. Therefore, this piano looks, sounds, plays and tunes exceptionally well for a piano even half its age with a tone that is uniquely unlike any modern piano. Like every piano we sell, ours comes with a 10-year warranty covering all parts and labor. Don’t miss the chance to own this unique window in time.