Steinway L ebony 1956

Steinway L ebony 1956


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5’10½” grand

Lustrous, hand-rubbed satin ebony cabinet with matching adjustable artist bench

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Meet your future family heirloom.  This beautiful mid-century Steinway L has been painstakingly restored using the finest materials and parts money can buy.  From Canada, we have a new Bolduc Canadian white spruce soundboard. From Germany, we have all new Renner action parts (the same action parts used in Hamburg Steinways), a Delignit pinblock, and all new Roslau treble wire. Perhaps most eye-catching will be the lustrous new hand-rubbed satin ebony finish which will add a touch of elegance to any living space.  Also worth mentioning is the beautifully restored textured finish on the plate (harp) inside the piano, a rarity we have only seen on Steinways from the late 1950s (see picture slideshow above). Now that we have the specs and features out of the way, the most meaningful, intangible and ultimately unquantifiable quality this piano offers is the quintessentially sweet and lush sound particular to vintage American Steinway pianos.  There’s nothing in the realm of new pianos quite like it.  We’re offering this piano for $40K less than the sold crushing price of a new satin ebony Steinway O (former the Model L), which is currently $83,300 with only a 5-year warranty.  We include a 10-year warranty on all parts and labor and a matching artist bench at no extra charge!  If you have been searching for a breathtaking Steinway at a great price, then your search is over!